We work closely with two major brands, Viator and FreeRide to dress your club as it really deserves.

From the initial sketch to the delivery of the order.

Contact our sales department.

697 149 022 viator@deporbrands.com
Our representative will send you a detailed quote.

If required, sizing samples can be requested for testing.
Send us your viator@deporbrands.com details of your design, including logos, color requirements and any instructions you deem necessary.
Once the design is approved and the quantities of each garment have been sent, we will proceed to manufacture your order.
Your order will be delivered between 30 and 45 days.


Giving up is never an option

¿Why Viator?

VIATOR is quality, commitment, professionalism, proximity and tradition in a family business that already has 25 years of shared history.

At VIATOR we are specialists in the textile sector. We design and manufacture quality sportswear and we have specialized in the customization of sports equipment.

VIATOR is a Latin term and its translation is walker.

This curious and honorable word is how it was known to neighbors and friends to Valeriano’s family at the end of the 19th century. The story of Valeriano and his nickname marks the roots and character of generations to come.

Valeriano, in a time when distances were traveled on foot, or on horseback at best, had to travel a long distance for days to get the medicines his sick wife needed to heal.

Before that feat, the neighbors baptized Valeriano as a WALKER and the nickname continued and remains today in the history of the Morales family in its Latin version VIATOR.

An essential story to learn about the origins and philosophy of work and sacrifice of the current company, founded by Juan Morales, great-grandson of Valeriano, the walker.



Because I am here? What do I gain from this?

Many of you will be familiar with the above questions. To be more specific, these are usually the questions we ask ourselves when exhaustion takes over our body and we look face to face at fainting. We consider abandoning, doing what others do and following the established pattern. We did not give up, we drew strength and managed to continue. Without finding a coherent explanation, we undertake the battle again and we search incessantly for new challenges in which to reach the same situation, gently caress our limits again.

If you feel that the goal of the race is the exit of the next one; if the effort makes you reach the limit and that is your greatest reward; If you believe that sacrifice is directly proportional to satisfaction … Then and only then will you understand what a FreeRider is.